Who we are
Founded in 2009 Basilicon has rapidly evolved and blossomed into an illustrious boutique consulting firm, boasting a far-reaching and impressive global presence.

Our team is an electric and spirited collective of consummate professionals, each one bringing to the table an abundant reservoir of expertise garnered from a plethora of industries. What is the common thread that binds them together? An unyielding and voracious appetite for unraveling the mysteries of the world and comprehending its complex mechanisms. Having dedicated a considerable portion of their lives to academic pursuits or professional engagements across various nations, each team member is not just exemplary in their respective fields, but also adept in multiple languages, culturally dexterous, and possesses a rich tapestry of global insights.

Though we are firmly anchored in our foundational values, our operations are nimble and seamlessly traverse international frontiers. Our hub in the vibrant city of London serves as a catalyst and nexus for forging collaborations with a diverse array of clients, both within the local landscape and on the international stage. We are ardent wanderers at heart, and our zeal for exploration propels us to embark on journeys to the farthest corners of the earth. We eagerly seize opportunities to meet our esteemed clients and partners in person, fully immersing ourselves in the tapestry of their unique cultures and environments, fostering meaningful connections and synergies.


What we do

In an increasingly digitised world, data is the cornerstone of informed decision-making. At Basilicon, we specialize in Big Data Analysis, Data Mining, and Network Analysis. Harnessing the power of advanced analytics tools, we transform complex data into insightful, actionable information. Our data-driven approach allows businesses to anticipate trends, optimise operations, and boost their competitive edge. Whether you’re navigating through the labyrinth of Big Data or embarking on sophisticated network analyses, our team of data experts is your dependable partner, translating numbers into strategic wisdom.


In the realm of policy, Basilicon acts as a trusted advisor, designing, evaluating, and implementing public consulting strategies that align with your goals. We understand that effective policy creation and evaluation are critical for organizational success. Our team dives deep into your context, studying the nuances and challenges, to develop policies that are not only robust and achievable – but also sustainable. Our policy advisory services encompass a broad range of sectors, empowering governments, public institutions, and NGOs to make informed, effective, and responsible policy decisions.


Strategy is the compass that guides a business towards its envisioned future. At Basilicon, we offer expert management consulting and strategy design services, tailored to help your organization navigate through the complex landscapes of business. We work alongside you to craft strategies that deliver sustainable growth, align with your organizational culture, and create competitive differentiation. By combining our industry knowledge with forward-thinking approaches, we empower you to overcome obstacles, seize opportunities, and thrive amidst change. Your vision is our mission, and we are committed to turning it into a reality.


The world is increasingly interconnected, and opportunities lie beyond borders. Basilicon's International Business Development services are designed to help your organisation explore these opportunities. We leverage our global presence and in-depth understanding of diverse markets to provide tailored solutions that drive international growth. Our team assists with market entry strategies, partnership development, and cross-border expansions. We navigate the complexities of international business, mitigating risks and maximizing gains. With Basilicon, the world is truly your market.


At Basilicon, we believe in the transformative power of knowledge. We offer comprehensive Cross-Cultural Advisory and Language Services to equip our clients with the understanding they need to succeed in diverse environments. Our team of linguists and cultural advisors are seasoned in a range of languages and cultures, enabling us to offer tailored training, translations, and advisory services. We aim to bridge cultural gaps, foster effective communication, and facilitate successful international collaborations and negotiations. With our knowledge services, you’re not just gaining language skills; you’re gaining the ability to navigate the world with ease and confidence.

8791pages written in7languages 125pleased clients in8countries 88TB of data analysed 75Public Entities Enhanced 240businesses made to grow facilitated access to45million EUR
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